Beer Nuts from Bloomington

I got Beer Nuts this Christmas from my kids.  Actually, it was a bag of Beer Nuts Original Bar Mix.  A huge bag that looked like this. Well, that is the bag.  It’s so big I have yet to finish it.   So last night while I was snacking I had to the urge to read something, and since I was too lazy to go get my book from far away in my bedroom, I decided to read the back of the Beer Nuts bag.  Always a good read, right?  And since I also have an affinity for travel and new places, I wanted to see where said Beer Nuts were made.

Yep, Bloomington, Illinois.  So then I decided I wanted to see what else is in Bloomington and what it’s all about.


Here’s what I found.

There are the usual, dry facts – located about 125 miles southwest of Chicago, population of roughly 77,000, and is considered a twin city with Normal; the two are often hyphenated as Bloomington-Normal.

Enough of that then.

They have a really interesting city logo, which I didn’t even realize was a thing.  Do all cities have logos?  But theirs looks like this.  

It’s a three-concept design, with the primary idea being the Chevron, which stands for service, rank, and authority.  The second concept is that of a three-dimensional building.  That one took me a little bit longer to visualize, but once I did it was pretty neat.  Apparently this is supposed to signify growth and diversity in the community.  And lastly, the symbol is representative of a flower to speak to the city’s former name of “Blooming Grove”, and conveys a sense of community that is safe and friendly.   Oh, yeah, and one more little thing – the  upward movement of the symbol itself hints of the city’s commitment to excellence.   Pretty cool, right?

There’s an interesting piece of history here as well.  Apparently, there with this guy who lived there, David Davis, a former Supreme Court Justice, who had a lot to do with convincing Abraham Lincoln to run for the presidency.


Here is how he looked:



 And this is where he lived

Click on the picture to go check out the website for information on tours and a little more history of the place.



If you ever decide you want to move to Bloomington, some of the top employers include places like State Farm Insurance (Bloomington is home to their corporate headquarters) – and look at this place!  Who wouldn’t want to work here?!


Illinois State University, Nestle USA, Bridgestone/Firestone, and COUNTRY Financial are also in the top 25 employers of the area.   Word on the street, though, is that Caterpillar is going to be giving State Farm a run for their money for the number one spot.

Hey, wait?  Wasn’t this article all started by my infatuation with reading the bag of the Beer Nuts bag?  Where are they in that list?  Oh, well, at least I learned  a little something about where they’re made.  Hope you did, too.  If you ever go check it out, hit me back with some photos and feedback of your own.  I’d love to hear from you.


Special shout out to the City of Bloomington, Illinois website at for the information as well as the Bloomington-Normal Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at for the use of their information.   

Also thanks to State Farm –;  and David Davis Mansion –